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About Us

Bernon R. Erickson Jr., ASA, FCA, MAAA

Bernie founded AST with twenty-eight years of actuarial industry experience. AST is Bernie’s second start-up, having previously founded Actuarial Management Company (AMC) in 1996, the innovative actuarial consulting firm emphasizing insurance program management in concert with long-term, partnership-based clients, which became the industry standard for active actuarial and consultative insurance program management. Bernie and AMC became particularly known for turning problem blocks of business into successes, and lauded for producing monthly comprehensive and innovative analysis.

Before AMC, he was recruited as part of the executive team to build the fully insured business line for IHC, a New York Stock Exchange publicly traded company. He began as Chief Health Actuary, led a team of 25, performed valuation and product development activity for a diversified product line, and was responsible for underwriting performance. He became President of the Fully Insured Division, led a division of over 300 people within six operating companies, and was responsible for portfolio top and bottom lines and operating company results.

Curriculum Vitae A few words from Bernie

Tony Strazzara
Director of Actuarial Services

Tony joined Actuarial Strategies & Tactics in September of 2016. Prior to AST, he was working as a Sr. Actuarial Analyst at Nationwide E&S/Specialty (formerly Scottsdale Insurance Company). During his two and a half years at Nationwide, Tony gained extensive experience in pricing various insurance products, including Homeowners, Commercial Liability, and Commercial Auto. This experience included conducting rate reviews, leading meetings with underwriting, and completing filing support when necessary. He also developed advanced skills in Excel, VBA, and DAX. Before starting his actuarial career, Tony worked as a high school tutor, baseball coach, and commercial real estate agent. He attended the University of San Diego, where he earned a B.A. in Mathematics and a minor in Business Administration. He was also a four-year starter on the baseball team and continues to be an avid baseball fan today.

Jaime Reyna
Director of Operations

Jaime has a strong passion for delighting customers, developing talent, producing quality work, and promoting innovation. Prior to joining AST in March of 2018, Jaime worked at Opendoor for over 2 years, overseeing Acquisitions and Underwriting in multiple markets. Jaime worked at Nationwide E&S/Specialty for 5 years on the Actuarial Pricing team. Jaime has experience building and managing teams, developing pricing models, setting reserves, and consulting with business partners. Jaime holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Arizona State University. Jaime enjoys time with his family, traveling, sports, golfing, reading, and providing service to others.

Matthew Menard
Actuarial Analyst & Intern Program Director

Matthew joined Actuarial Strategies & Tactics in May of 2017. Before joining the AST team, he taught high school mathematics in South Carolina. Matthew attended Wofford College, where he earned a B.A. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Physics and then attended Clemson University, where he earned a M.S. in Mathematical Sciences with an emphasis in Statistics. While at Wofford, he also lettered in cross country and track. Matthew is currently pursuing the Associate of the Society of Actuaries designation.

Sreekaavya Kamireddipalli
Actuarial Analyst

Kaavya joined Actuarial Strategies and Tactics as an Actuarial Analyst in September 2018. She graduated with a Masters in Mathematics with an actuarial focus from the University of Texas at Austin in May 2018. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering. During her internship at the Texas Department of Insurance, she reviewed insurance rate change filings and compiled data on actual cash value endorsements for homeowners insurance. Kaavya previously worked for SAP, U.A.E. for a year during which she developed skills in Excel, VBA and Access. Kaavya has passed Exams P, FM, C and IFM and is currently pursuing the Associate of the Society of Actuaries designation. She is excited to work at AST with her mixed background in Computer Science Engineering and Actuarial Science and looks forward to applying her skills to assist clients. In her free time she enjoys reading, cooking and traveling.

Christine Liu
Actuarial Analyst

Christine previously worked as a high school math and science teacher before deciding to pursue a career in the actuarial field and joining Actuarial Strategies and Tactics as an Actuarial Analyst in March 2018. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Arizona State University and a master’s in Science Education from Western Governors University. In December 2018, she also completed a certificate in Actuarial Science from Arizona State University. She has passed FM and plans to sit for P before the end of the year. During her time at AST she has had the opportunity to continually develop her technical and analytical skills and well as her knowledge of the health insurance industry, and she looks forward to pursuing an ASA designation in the coming years. Her interests include learning new things, traveling, and spending time with her four-legged family.

Kyle Schutrum
Human Resources & Actuarial Analyst

Kyle joined Actuarial Strategies & Tactics in April of 2017. Kyle currently assists in business management including human resources, accounting support, and other administrative functions. Kyle also works as an actuarial analyst and supports program leads. Kyle received his Bachelors of Science in Bioengineering from Syracuse University in 2014. After graduation, Kyle pursued a career in technical sales at onTop Technology Corporation. At onTop, Kyle worked closely with leadership to develop sales strategy, marketing initiatives, and corporate events. In 2016, Kyle began a career at Zenefits. At Zenefits, he gained insight into payroll, HR and small business operations. Kyle enjoys trail running and salsa dancing in his spare time.

Katie Fricker
Actuarial Analyst

Katie joined the Actuarial Strategies & Tactics team as an Actuarial Intern in January of 2018. Prior to her employment at AST, Katie gained valuable industry experience and improved her technical skills as an Actuarial Intern at Nautilus Insurance Company in Scottsdale. Her most notable projects consisted of adjusting the property rating algorithm, simplifying and performing monthly pricing reports for new and renewal businesses, and assisting with state rate reviews and calculations. In addition to her part-time job at AST, Katie is a full-time student at Arizona State University’s Honors College, pursuing a B.S. in Actuarial Science with a minor in Risk Management and Insurance. Upon graduation, she anticipates attaining a M.S. in Actuarial Science and becoming an ASA within five years.

Alex Kirvan
Actuarial Analyst

Alex joined Actuarial Strategies & Tactics in August of 2018 as an actuarial intern. He is currently a full-time student in the honors college at Arizona State University, pursuing a BS in Actuarial Science with plans to get a MS in Actuarial Science. During his internship with the actuarial pricing team at Nationwide E&S/Specialty, Alex gained experience performing and analyzing rate indications, as well as modeling loss payment patterns. Alex has also spent time working alongside mathematics professors at ASU, studying the effectiveness of wave differential equations with respect to physical applications. He hopes to diversify his experiences within the actuarial field and gain a greater understanding of the consulting business while working at AST. Having passed actuarial exams FM and P, he plans to sit for IFM in November.

Kody Gelvin
Actuarial Intern

Kody joined Actuarial Strategies & Tactics in May 2019 as an actuarial intern. He is currently pursuing a MS in Statistics at Northern Arizona University. This is his first internship and he looks forward to gaining a more thorough understanding of the actuarial industry and well-rounded experience. He has passed both the P and FM exams and intends to sit for the IFM exam in July. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, swimming, and playing board games.