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About Us

Bernon R. Erickson Jr., ASA, FCA, MAAA

Bernie founded AST with twenty-eight years of actuarial industry experience. AST is Bernie’s second start-up, having previously founded Actuarial Management Company (AMC) in 1996, the innovative actuarial consulting firm emphasizing insurance program management in concert with long-term, partnership-based clients, which became the industry standard for active actuarial and consultative insurance program management. Bernie and AMC became particularly known for turning problem blocks of business into successes, and lauded for producing monthly comprehensive and innovative analysis.

Before AMC, he was recruited as part of the executive team to build the fully insured business line for IHC, a New York Stock Exchange publicly traded company. He began as Chief Health Actuary, led a team of 25, performed valuation and product development activity for a diversified product line, and was responsible for underwriting performance. He became President of the Fully Insured Division, led a division of over 300 people within six operating companies, and was responsible for portfolio top and bottom lines and operating company results.

Curriculum Vitae A few words from Bernie

Alex Kirvan
Actuarial Analyst

Alex joined Actuarial Strategies & Tactics in August of 2018 as an actuarial intern. After the internship, he stayed on at AST part time as he completed his college education and moved to full time after graduation. Alex graduated in December 2019 from the honors college at Arizona State University with a BS and a MS in Actuarial Science. During his time at ASU, Alex worked alongside applied mathematics professors at ASU studying the effectiveness of wave differential equations with respect to physical applications. His master’s project focused on working with leaders of a newly started insurance to design an agent profit sharing arrangement. Outside of work, Alex enjoys rock climbing, reading, and spending time with friends. Having already earned credit for 4 actuarial exams, he plans on continuing to pursue an ASA accreditation.

Kristen Agostinelli
Actuarial Analyst

Kristen joined Actuarial Strategies & Tactics as an Actuarial Analyst in February 2020. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in December 2019 with a BS in Applied Mathematics as well as minors in Applied Statistics and American Sign Language. While in school, she passed exams P and FM and plans to continue the ASA Exam track. Kristen gained experience prior to working at AST as an Actuarial Intern at Excellus BCBS where she projected the financial impact of new and upcoming Medicare reforms for the Medicare Advantage Actuarial Team. She is excited to learn more about the Health Insurance Industry through a consulting lens. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and trying new food.

Henry Meyers
Actuarial Analyst

Henry joined Actuarial Strategies & Tactics as an Actuarial Intern in February 2020 and later as an Actuarial Analyst in May 2020. He received a Bachelor of Science in Statistics from Arizona State University in 2021 and to date has passed exams P and FM, with plans to sit for IFM in late 2021. Henry has previously worked as an intern on a NASA research project, developing a small payload that was flown to more than 90,000 feet on a weather balloon and analyzing the data that was collected. During his time at AST he looks forward to developing a stronger understanding of the actuarial consulting field and the techniques and processes involved in it. In his free time, he loves to tinker, read, and play the drums.

Bianca Carrera
Executive and Administrative Assistant

Bianca joined AST as an Executive and Administrative Assistant and Human Resources Manager in May of 2020. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Business in December of 2019 from Northern Arizona University (Yuma, AZ). She has worked in the healthcare field for over 10 years and has gained knowledge and hands on experience in administration, human resources, and customer service. On her free time, she enjoys reading and anything that gets her heart rate up. Bianca is excited for the new adventure working with AST and to experience what Scottsdale has to offer.

Justin Gelvin
Actuarial Analyst

Justin joined Actuarial Strategies & Tactics in July of 2020 after graduating with a Master’s in Statistics program at Northern Arizona University. He was happy to return to AST after interning there the summer of 2019. Justin currently has credit for 6 SOA exams and is pursuing an ASA. While at AST, Justin has happily had the opportunity to continue to develop actuarial skills and explore the consulting and healthcare industry. Outside of work, Justin enjoys playing board games, participating in triathlons, and playing piano.

Christine Liu
Actuarial Analyst

Christine previously worked as a high school math and science teacher before embarking on a career in the actuarial field and joining Actuarial Strategies and Tactics in March 2018. She holds a BA in English from Arizona State University and an MA in Science Education from Western Governors University. In December 2018, she also completed a certificate in Actuarial Science from Arizona State University. During her time at AST she has had the opportunity to continually develop her technical and analytical skills and well as her knowledge of the health insurance industry.

Caleb Johnke
Actuarial Analyst

Caleb Joined AST in September of 2021. He achieved a BS in medical biology from the University of South Dakota in 2018. After working in healthcare for 6 years, he changed his career focus to actuarial science and started sitting for actuarial exams in the summer of 2020. He has passed exams FM, P, and IFM in pursuit of an ASA credential. Caleb's hobbies include watching his favorite sports teams, golfing, and going to the movies. He is excited for the opportunity to gain experience as an analyst at AST and to learn more about an actuary's role in consulting and health insurance.

Evan Millspaugh
Actuarial Analyst

Evan joined Actuarial Strategies & Tactics as an Actuarial Analyst in June 2022. Previously he had worked with Indium Corporation in Clinton, NY, analyzing the performance of silver sinter paste as a die attach solution for printed circuit boards. He received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics from Rochester Institute of Technology in May 2022. In school he passed Exam P and plans to continue the ASA Exam track, sitting for FM in late 2022. In his free time, Evan enjoys lifting weights, mountain biking, or anything that gets him outdoors. He is looking forward to developing his actuarial skills and learning more about health insurance and consulting.

Miller Thompson
Actuarial Analyst

Miller joined Actuarial Strategies & Tactics in September 2022 as an Actuarial Analyst after graduating from the University of South Carolina in May 2022. She holds a BS in Statistics as well as a minor in Risk Management Insurance. In her college years, Miller worked at a local insurance agency and later interned at Companion Life Insurance Company. Miller has passed exam P and plans to sit for FM by the end of 2022. While having some knowledge of the actuarial function from an insurance carrier’s perspective, Miller is looking forward to learning more from a consultant’s point of view. Outside of work, Miller enjoys spending time with friends, exploring the outdoors, and staying active.